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Q.  My RV battery keeps draining down quickly. I put a new battery in my RV, and within a day, (without any electrical items on) the battery is dead. I have checked all of my fuses and have done everything that I know what to do. What could the problem be?

A. It is possible that you have a very simple problem.  First, it is important to purchase a reliable voltage meter and keep it with you when RVing. The first typical situation that will drain a battery in an older RV is the possibility that the Recreational vehicle has a grounding issue. Your likely culprit is one of the unit’s wires has frayed and is touching a metal structure of the unit and grounding the system out. Check the breakaway brake module which is located on the frame next to the battery. The unit can get weathered and, many times, wires become corroded and can easily fray. These wires are very easy to replace. The second tip is to look at your main control panel to verify there are no frayed wires on it. These seem to be typical areas of the problem. Again, a good meter will help on being able to narrow down your problem area.


Q. When pulling in my slides of my 07 Montana Fifth Wheel, it may take as many as 5 or 6 times to bring it in. What happens is that the slide will quit after a few seconds, I have to wait for some time, start it again, only to quit after a few more seconds. What can the issue be?

A. As things get older on your 5th wheel, they start to weaken. The problem could be that the circuit breaker on the RV may have lost its rated value and will have a lower value after many uses.  These are easily replaced and should cost less than $10 to do so.


Q. My awning on my Recreational Vehicle is always a concern for me. I want to maintain it as long as I can. Is there anything I can do to try and extend the life of my awning?

A. Yes! The awning on your RV, like any other product, has to be maintained. There are several things that can be done to help with your awning. First and foremost is to properly clean the awning and let it dry completely before winding it back up. A wet awning will mold and the material will begin to deteriorate which will give it a very short life. You can purchase cleaning materials from your local RV supplier that will help in putting moisture back into the material and prolong its life.  Also, for those in the South West, the sun is a killer for RV materials. Not all of us are fortunate enough to keep our unit in covered storage.  You can purchase an RV cover, which is a hassle to put on the unit but a cover certainly has advantages! You also can purchase a corrugated aluminum jacket that goes onto the main tube of your awning. There are different options to purchase online.  One of the most inexpensive ways to achieve the same results is to purchase a piece of 4” PVC pipe. It needs to be a thin wall pipe like sewer and drain pipe.  You cut a split down the middle of one side to allow you to open the pipe and wrap around your awning. This is a cost effective way to add life to your RV awning.